Modular Buildings for Industrial use

Over many years Modulo Béton® has proved its pertinence and performance in building technical modular concrete premises for industry whatever the field.

Modular Industrial Buildings

Our « Modular Industrial Buildings » offers partly address demanding fields of industry such as:

Beyond the totally functional aspect of Modulo Béton® buildings, the main STRENGTHS of our concept concerning industry are:

• Energy
• Transport,
• Infrastructure,
• Telecommunications, …

• durability
• fire resistance
• explosion resistance
• resistance to break- ins and vandalism.

We design, build and deliver on schedule ready to use concrete industrial buildings which meet the most stringent requirements.

Unmatched speed

From design to building and fitting, the speed with which we carry out our projects can simply not be matched by traditional building methods.


The level of Durability, Quality and Safety is far higher compared to other modular technologies thanks to the Concrete and BIM design.

Pioneering technology

Our pioneering manufacturing and building technologies are subject to ongoing improvement and are protected by International patents.

Total CSR commitment

We apply a Zero waste policy on all our sites along with low noise and arduous working conditions levels for the operators. We are deeply committed to ongoing improvement concerning our manufacturing techniques in the aim of generating as little CO2 as possible.